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CNC Services

Custom CNC Routing

We are glad to offer a full service custom routing of precision parts. For local shops we pickup and deliver products. For those beyond our service area, we can purchase the material and ship the final product to your door with major shipping companies.

We currently operate four 3-axis CNC routers. We have four basic steps to our machining process.

1. Supply us with a drawing or CAD file of your component.

We begin the project by inspecting the drawing or prototype of the piece that you supply. We make sure that we can fully machine and deliver what you are looking for. Your drawing or prototype should be exactly as you want the piece produced. We will produce a piece exactly as your drawing specifies. If you can supply a CAD file, we may be able to use that directly.

2. CAD Programming

After confirming that we can fully machine (router) the piece, we convert the drawing to a CAD file. By providing a CAD or DXF file, we will import it into our software and likely reducing the amount of time spent and your cost. In this phase, we tool path the drawing. Specifying what router bit profile, speed and order of passes the machine will do. Once the file is completed, it is saved to file to use the next time we machine the same part. If a change is desired in a future production, changes can be easily made. The file is exported to the CNC for production and ready .

3. CNC Machining

Next, all router bits depths are set and the material is positioned on the table. We can machine pieces up to 5' x 8' in dimension down to as small as a few square inches. We can machine material up to 4" thick. We typically router materials such as wood, PVC, polyethelyne, composite lumber and plexiglass etc.

4. Finish and Delivery

After your item has been successfully machined we also offer finish sanding or other detailing to prepare the piece for your assembly or sales. Ift no other work is required, we package the product for pickup or delivery.

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